Our Passion is 3D

Specialized in Digital Visualization and Productions, with the help of CGI (Computer Generated Images), we offer a variety of services including concepts for product and interior designs, boosting them with visual effects, animation, and motion graphics for the print, movie, commercial and online presentation industry. Thanks to it’s outstanding efficiency, the technological innovations, the software resources and the creative freedom allows us in the digital production to replace the traditional way of making presentations and movies, and gives us endless approaches to visualize the virtual word.

Our services, especially in 3D modeling and animation, digital image editing and graphics, are engaged in business areas such as commercials, features and media design. We ensure the implementation of our client’s projects by offering advice and support on start and during the following phase of post-production.

Our talented team of digital artists is the strength of our agency. All members perfectly complement our team thanks to their versatile careers and individual specialties, and we know that innovative and creative thinking is the basis for extraordinary productions.

So choose us in creating your visions and projects, simply put us to the test! Be part of our story!

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3D & CGI

The possibilities offered by the development of the CGI (Computer Generated Images) are unlimited; this allows us to create images which are way beyond imagination and reality. The techniques used in digital production are giving us the freedom to make no compromises when it comes to creativity. With this knowledge and technology we can push ourselves to make photo-realistic visualizations of products and characters for all media areas, such as: print, web or movies. And since the web is the biggest market we offer implemented 3D visualizations for online, with interactive and customizable web solutions.


Beside building an object or character, we have the know-how and passion to give life to our products by implementing the technologies included in the software that we use. With this feature we offer beside the creative process the spark to the photo-realistic presentations that can capture the eye more than a still image. In order to increase productivity by combining the photo-realistic pictures and the animations frame rate we use render farms to make the best and the fastest results to our visualizations scenes.

Art & Design & Engineering

Since imagination in this industry has no limits, we know that a great and outstanding product always comes from a well formed, strong idea which can be defined by the design and art aspect of this. We combine the creative aspects with engineering and the modern technologies for producing that outstanding that you desire. Beside digital production we offer the implementation to real life of your ideas and designs with 3D printing services to have in hand and to be able to make the proper decisions regarding to the future steps before production.

Photography and Video

First came as a hobby, than later for building different textures for mapping products and characters, photography and video production is another attribute that consolidates our whole package of know how; as well as post-production and motion graphics and Stereoscopic 3D media.


Our portfolio presents some of our projects that we are proud of but we have thousands of hours worked for prestigious clients and partner companies both in design, motion graphics, modeling and engineering which includes problem solving innovations for security locks and electrical safety devices, tridimensional modeling for CNC machining and rapid prototyping (3D printing), electrical and cable presentations, animations and intros for TV shows and commercials, cartoons, game designs, etc. These projects are protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements and since we treat our clients with maximum respect we cannot put them into our gallery, but these gave us the opportunity to grow and be prepared for other exiting projects.

Concept Design

Transportation / Car Design

Healthcare and Anatomy Presentations

TV Commercials

Product Design

Packaging Design

Architectural presentation

Interactive Web Presentation and Customization

Interior Design

Jewelry Design – Visualization


Our start and present development

  • 2000 – 2006

    The moment that ignited the desire to build a name, and further an agency and brand.

    The start period that formed and ignited the desire to follow this path on 3D and later to build a name, and further an agency and brand. Worked on different engineering projects and reached the US market completing jobs for New York City’s companies.

  • 2006 – 2014

    Period on which a well-established experience is built

    Worked on projects for different industries, from digital visualization through engineering and established some great partnerships with different companies and people.

  • 2014 March

    Transition to full time services

    Covering a variety of 3D services, from concept – product design, web interactive, animation and rendering (render farms) to engineering and manufacturing (CNC and 3D printing).

  • 2015 January

    An Agency is Born

    Gladly announcing the birth of 3dependent design agency offering a wide range of 3D services. Stepping in the worldwide market.

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    Of Our


At 3DEPENDENT LTD. our multi-disciplinary team of creatives and engineers is always looking for new talented team members. Join us and be part of our team to work on challenging and exciting projects. As for now we are interested in freelancers and project based team members.

We expect a cooperative, team-oriented and independent way of working from our employees and collaborators, as well as flexibility and the ability to deal with stressful situations and tied deadlines. You are the perfect candidate of our team if you have good English skills and are a highly motivated and extraordinarily talented in your field of expertise.

Our current need is for:

3D Specialist Freelancer:

Tasks: You will be part of our production team keeping constant online and phone connection with our team and in case with clients, contributing to current productions of modeling and rendering presentations. Supporting our team by helping with the every-day business of a 3D production (modeling, texturing, animation, rendering).

Personal Profile: You have a good sense for spaces, are confident in using hand drawing and have experience with 3D softwares and also render plugins . In order to have a good compatibility between 3dependent you should be able to work with at least one of the well-established 3D software like 3DMax, Maya, ZBrush, Cinema4D, Rhinoceros or XSI, also using render engines such as MentalRay or/and VRay.

Video Post Producer – Compositing Freelancer:

Tasks: After receiving content from the rendered images and movies, we need a person who can give a boost to these 3D productions with capabilities of rendering, tracking, simulation, creating and converting media, with special focus on combining video and sound, research and creation of films and data management.

Personal Profile: You have a good sense of timing, and the ability to use a wide range of technologies and computer programs such as: Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke, Premiere, Vegas for creating animatics, pre and final compositing, keying, rotoscoping and matte-painting.

Please send your resume with cover letter to contact[at]3dependent[dot]com specifying the position for what you are applying. Don’t forget to include your portfolio/work in the email. We are anxious to have you in our team.

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