Interior Design

Ecofarmacia_int design1
Rethinking the interior space of a pharmacy, increasing the visited area and the visibility using the Ecofarmacia brand’s colors. Interior design from sketch to final realization (obtaining authorizations, architectural approvals way up to the construction).

Interactive Web Presentations

Bass Guitar body customization

warwick NT4_new
Interactive customization of the body of a bass guitar. Using different exotic wood material for building the body, for internet Custom Shop.

Yacht Customization

Interactive web presentation of the interior and exterior parts of a boat. Programming made by Reea.


3D product (Jewelry/Ring) customization and presentation for web browsers. Technology used to allow user to customize, visualize and rotate products – stone and ring material change.


Architectural presentations

3dependent LTD. is a company which is also specialized in high-end creative architectural visualizations.

Using the most advanced machinery and a diverse know-how our highly talented professionals in Tirgu-Mures, Romania and Dubai, UAE offices can deliver market-leader architectural visualization solutions worldwide on well based deadlines. Our ultimate goal is to put architecture on display in an atmosphere that best presents the identity of a building, combining specialized engineering with photo-realistic images and CGI.

Our services for architectural presentations are: 3D rendered architectural visualization and animation; 2d and 3d floor-plans; real-time 3D interactive walk-through and scaled model manufacturing.

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 Commercial Complex – Shopping Mall and incorporated Hotel.


architectural presentationsInteractive web presentation of a building with the ability to present the floor plan after choosing an apartment on the 3d model.

Product Design

iPhone and Mio A702

mio a702
Models of phones created to be used in product presentation or mobile service provider commercials.

Cable perspective and section presentations

Different cable perspective and section presentations for a local cable company prepared for a product catalog.

Healthcare and Anatomy Presentations

In collaboration with Dr. Szekeres Ferenc (doctor in dental medicine) and Reea we made a couple of videos presenting different dental procedures that dentist are making to the patients during their everyday work. We wanted to show exactly what are the procedures that dentist do so that the patients should have a perfect and a healthy smile. This was a pilot project which can be further developed and in case personalized to the different dental cabinets or hospitals, even to be a learning support in the dental universities.

Concept Design

Warwick Single Cutaway Bass Guitar Design Competition WINNER

NAMM 2010_warwick SC
Organized on the official Warwick Forum site in 2009, this competition asked the enthusiast of this brand to involve in the design process of a new concept and send their ideas of how they imagine a single cut bass guitar. With the support of Mr. Laszlo Demeter and in collaboration with the firm Reea we entered the competition with a detailed 3D concept which made his way through the final and eventually was chosen as the winner design. In 2010 January this concept (with minor changes) was presented to the public at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California and after that the design went into serial production.

BMW Roadster

bmw roadster
Concept of a futuristic BMW roadster built for a car design competition. Built in collaboration with Reea.

Julia – WoodRoadster

woodroadster IAA2015
First came the idea to create a wooden carriage, then became the challenge to go further and build a wooden car. This was the beginning of this outstanding project.
The idea was that the car had to be original and unique, and should not resemble any other cars out there. First was made a scale-model, which was photographed and prepared for 3d orthogonal projections, kind of blueprints, after this the 3D model was created and adjusted, improved. After finalizing the 3D model, real scale projection views were printed and these helped to build, to carve this car. A year later the chassis was completed, and we solved the technological issues, so the construction of the car-body started. It is made up of merely wood, leather and metal. It is upholstered with original calf leather and the car’s hood is wrapped in heat- and sound-isolation. It is then varnished with yacht varnish, which is polished and enameled.
This car was exposed at the IAA 2015 at the Frankfurt Auto Show.